Monday, April 13, 2009

"We're Linux" Video Contest Winners!

The wait is over! After receiving nearly 100 entries from all over the world, The Linux Foundation is exceptionally please to announce the winners and runners-up for the "We're Linux" Video Contest. These videos reflect the best of what was truly a global community effort with videos being submitted from Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

The winning video and the runners up were announced on April 8, 2009 at the annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. The winner of the "We're Linux" contest will receive a free trip to Tokyo, Japan to participate in the Linux Foundation Japan Linux Symposium, which will co-located with the Linux Kernel Summit, in October, 2009.

And now, the winners of the 2009 "We're Linux" Video Contest are :


What Does It Mean to be Free?

Amitay Tweeto lives in Bet Shemesh, Israel. The 25-year old freelance graphic designer and UI consultant entered this contest because he thinks Linux is suffering from bad PR. When people think of Linux they think "technical," gray stuff for programmers only. Amitay wants to let people get to know the other side of Linux, the flexibility they can get with no technical background. "That's the reason why I love Linux, it can be everything I want it to be."

Runner-Up #1

The Origin

Agustin Eguia is a 28-year-old Uruguayan native living in Brussels. He discovered Linux at the age of 14, thanks to people like his father Hugo Eguia, family friend Hugo Godoy, and the UYLug (Uruguayan Linux group). Agustin works in two fields quite different from each other. In the IT field, he handles server implementation (domain controllers, storage, render farms, dispatching computations, optimization), and networking, mostly for the stable income. The second field is the one that defines what he really loves to do and himself: art. Concept, design, animation, 3D, and VFX. He specializes in design, motion graphics, and 3d animation with a strong influence of dynamics, particles, and fluids.

Runner-Up #2

Linux Pub (with subtitles)

Sébastien Massé lives in Paris, France and is a graduate of the EICAR, The International Film School of Paris. He is an Audio-Visual Technician with a passion for film and television cinematography. Sébastien also devotes a lot of his time to the development of Table Ronde Films, a group that he created along with five other graduates of EICAR. The goal of Table Ronde Films is to encourage and help young artists implement their cinematic and artistic projects.

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